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About Optacopta

Optacopta are a leading betting solutions provider who provides a service that is incredibly fast, and accurate. Optacopta provide betting solutions for sports events, special events; and are now taking the gambling world to an entire new level by enabling a huge community of esports enthusiasts to be able to place bets on esports tournaments. For Optacopta to perform such a formidable service takes a very strong foundation when it comes to the web development, and web optimisation sides of things.

Client: Optacopta
Project type: SEO


Increase in traffic


Increase in Leads


To put Optacopta among the best providers in the market and to provide the right marketing to bring the company to the first pages of major search engines


After analysing the website the main thing that was needed for the site was SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation, in simple terms, when carried out properly, SEO brings a businesses website to the first pages of search engines. This then allows customer to click on your site before competitors.


  • Page 3 or higher for all major keywords related to the betting/gaming
  • Forecast to reach the first page for all key words related to betting within the next 3 months
  • Conversion rates and traffic in increased by 73% due to SEO

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